Conference Program

Conference Program
Pre-conference Seminars June 19, 2015
The Conference June 20-21, 2015
Conference Theme J-SOL8
One Person One Solution Focus

We all have differences from each other in many ways as human beings. Even when we have common language of Solution Focus, how we interpret and put them into action may vary from one person to another. Let us be curious about how other people understand the same words to mean different things or use SF tools in surprisingly evolved way to match their particular context, in mutually respectful ways. And let us learn from the differences to broaden and enrich our own SF way.

Conference Program:

The J-SOL conference program consists of pre-conference seminars and two days of conference. The time table below illustrates a rough structure of 3 days and the content will be announced by mid March after all the applications for workshops were examined. In case the program gets altered for whatever reason, there will be an announcement on this page.


Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex

Makuhari Messe

This is a huge convention complex and is about 35 minutes away from Tokyo station. The website below has all the information in English.

Guidance for Participation: